19 Years!


So 19 years ago today, Gina Steelman and I “officially” began dating. And 19 years ago this evening I actually told her I loved her for the first time, sitting in her car outside of our (high school) youth group leader’s home. (We’d been flirting and friends for years before).

19 YEARS!! Wow.

I guess she’s more of a saint than I originally thought, having put up with me this long. I knew that this blonde haired, green eyed girl with a heart birthmark from Paradise, CA would be my wife. Truly though, her love for Jesus, her heart, and selflessness was and still is one of the most attractive qualities about her! (Although she is incredibly HOT!). I knew deep in my heart that she’d be my wife…it just took her a little longer to figure it out.

I love you babe!!! Thanks for making my life incredible.

~ Mike

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